Have Your Sales People Running as Fast as The Easter Bunny

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Breaking news (as if you could forget) the long Easter weekend is almost upon us, which is great news!

Some of you may celebrate the religious aspects of the festival of Easter, and for others of you it may just be about the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs, but whether you mark the occasion or not, the break from work for nearly everyone is much needed at this point in the year. This bank holiday weekend, coupled together with the feeling of new beginnings and renewal that spring brings with it means its a great time to reflect and consider what we can improve.

At home this might mean its time to tidy up the garden or spring-clean your house. In business its often a good time to plan projects to revitalise our systems and strategies. In many companies the budgets for the year are now set and are available to spend. There’s enough time to plan and get going and stuck in before the summer break is upon us. Knowing that you’ll see the benefits of any changes you make can be a great motivator.

Perhaps you know your sales processes have been a little untidy and arent as effective as youd like them to be. Are your salespeople taking too long to find product information where its hidden away in the dusty corporate cupboards? Are your margins melting away like a chocolate egg in the hands of a toddler? Are your quotes as unpredictable as the date of Easter itself (we never did understand why it falls when it does)?

If you’ve never invested in a Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) system, then spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your sales processes and how you take orders from customers and seamlessly transfer them into your systems.

Or, if you’ve already implemented CPQ, now can be a great time to refresh and future-proof your sales tools to ensure you’re still getting the benefits, and taking advantage of new functionality.

In either case, Walpole Partnership can help you spring-clean your processes, and renew your systems to have your sales people running as fast as the Easter Bunny. For a free consultation, please get in touch.

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