Extra administrative support for Walpole Partnership

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extra administrative support

It’s about time that we formally welcomed Simone Calleja to the Walpole Partnership team! As the company continues to grow, we need to increase the amount of administrative support that we have, as it’s the foundation upon which everything else is built on in an organisation like ours.

Simone has spent her career supporting senior executives and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries, including Private Banking, Executive Coaching and Diversity and Inclusion for the last 20 years, and does this through her own business, The Premier PA.

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, said, “I’ve known Simone for many years and she’s one of the most organised and efficient people I’ve ever met. She’s fun to work with and I know she’ll complement and support our team, so I’m delighted to welcome her on board.”

To find out about the rest of the Walpole Partnership team head over to our Team page.

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