Elfsquad’s ETO to CTO event

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On the 3rd May, Ingmar Hermans and Daniel Cunningham from Walpole Partnership were invited to attend Elfsquad’s ETO (Engineer-to-Order) to CTO (Configure-to-Order) event. This was the latest in a series of CPQ industry events which Elfsquad have held at their offices in Drachten, Netherlands.

During the event we were able to connect with existing customers of Elfsquad and to those considering the adoption of Elfsquad CPQ. Fascinating insights were gained into the use of both ETO and CTO in a complex manufacturing business context. What stood out was how the blend of the ETO and CTO approaches can be complementary when used in the appropriate combination and setting. In addition, by being at the event, we were able to share our specialist CPQ implementation knowledge about data and product modelling with constraint-based configuration rules.

Thank you to Albert Klaver from Sparck Technologies and Willy Rietveld from Modular Management BeNeLux who presented, and to the team at Elfsquad for hosting the event.

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