Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Cluses, Switzerland

Somfy is the leading global manufacturer of strong, quiet motors with electronic and app controls for interior and exterior window coverings. There are over 270 million users of Somfy products around the world and Somfy creates designs for both commercial and residential markets. Somfy products integrate easily with other automated building systems.

Following the original CPQ implementation, Somfy has chosen to continue the working relationship with Walpole Partnership. This includes an ongoing support agreement, key project work and ad hoc consultancy services.

“Walpole Partnership provided us with a mix of technical excellence and detailed business intelligence. This combination is key in guiding customers like us to a seamless integration.

We have had a very good connection with the team at Walpole Partnership and I don’t think you can find someone doing it better.“
Davy Donders
Channel Manager, Somfy Benelux

Why CPQ?

Before CPQ was implemented at Somfy, each country in which the company traded used a different quotation tool. There was a lack of consistency between quotes which made it especially hard for international customers. Mistakes in quoting were being made, as some of the tools were offline, and pricing and discounting was a real issue. With a CRM and ERP system in place, implementing CPQ technology was the key to standardising all quoting at Somfy.

Expected benefits?

  • Production of quick, efficient and professional looking quotes that are standardised across all geographical areas
  • Ability to price and discount with ease
  • Increase in follow-up of quotes
  • Increase in take-up of quotes


Now, when quotes are produced at Somfy, costly mistakes are a thing of the past. Every quote is now visible in Salesforce which means that follow-ups can easily be assigned and completed, and pricing and discounting is much more straightforward. Up-selling is also easier since the implementation of CPQ. Overall, the implementation of Oracle CPQ has been hugely beneficial for Somfy.