Industry: Insurance

Location: London, United Kingdom

PIB Group is a new and dynamic insurance intermediary group aiming to create a leading position in the provision of specialist insurance solutions across the UK market. Founded in 2015, PIB Group is backed by investment from The Carlyle Group. PIB Group is growing rapidly, both organically and through acquisition.
“The team at Walpole Partnership were really professional and dynamic, and worked incredibly well with us from the initial demonstration, through the design stage and then during the implementation of NSPB. Throughout the process they were able to be flexible and meet our business needs, and I would recommend Walpole Partnership to any business I work with.”

“NSPB was the right size and shape for where we are now and scalable for where we want to be going forward.” “NSPB goes beyond just an integrated system to an integrated entire financial environment.”
Ian Haldenby
Group Financial Controller, PIB Group


PIB Group’s existing reporting capabilities were not sufficient to meet changing/evolving requirements. Internally, the organisation’s existing way of working was reliant on significant excel skills that required large regular maintenance to ensure accuracy was achieved.
The Group wanted to allow an integration back to NetSuite (2-way flow) that was not overengineered. NSPB’s ease of maintenance, the minimal skill required to pull reports and the cost of licenses achieved the right balance of flexibility/capability vs cost. NSPB had the ability to provide a pyramid of reporting capability which also allowed click of button reporting with a flexible top end.

Expected benefits?

  • A guarantee that 100% of data is complete (static reporting was not an option for PIB Group)
  • Simple and consistent reporting over a fluctuating cost base
  • Top end glossy presentation that can be reused
  • Budgeting capability allowing multiple forecasts and scenario testing due to high turnover new business acquisition


Expected benefits have been achieved alongside an additional unexpected benefit of sensitivity analysis within the auditing process. Improvements have been realised due to NSPB real-time/dynamic reporting and PIB Group anticipate that upcoming budgeting sessions will see a significant reduction in time spent.