Industry: Healthcare

Location: Sweden

Elekta manufactures radiotherapy solutions for cancer care and brain disorders, and for almost five decades, they have been a leader in precision radiation medicine. Elekta has more than 4,000 employees worldwide that are committed to ensuring everyone in the world with cancer has access to, and benefits from, more precise and personalised radiotherapy treatments.

“Supporting our CPQ solution in house, we were sceptical to work with a consultant to implement BOM Mapping and System Configuration in a high priority project, but Walpole’s structured partnership approach gave me the confidence for us to launch new techniques to work in alignment with our global solution, on time and under budget.“
Howard Millington
Director for Global Marketing Commercialization Operations and Technology, Elekta

Why upgrade Oracle CPQ?

Elekta has had a successful Oracle CPQ solution in place for several years, which is overseen by an inhouse team who manage the system’s evolution. Due to recent developments of the Oracle Cloud CPQ product, specifically the Bill Of Materials (BOM) mapping and System Configuration features, Walpole Partnership’s consultation and development services were sought by Elekta in order to enhance the Upgrade Campaign process. By implementing these features across a high volume of products, Elekta were looking to enhance their user interface (UI) and develop more efficient processes, eradicate inaccuracies and future-proof their CPQ platform.

Expected benefits?

The main benefits of enhancing Oracle Cloud CPQ to utilise BOM Mapping and Sys Config means that the upgraded system will:

  • Tackle the number of hits on the database
  • Allow sharing of configurable attributes UI/UX
  • Enable a guided sales configurator (more autonomy) across parent and child models


Elekta gained regular visibility of the new features through solution walkthroughs, as they became enabled for each product family. This allowed the Walpole Partnership team to progressively share the technical configuration with Elekta, enabling ongoing support to transition back to the in-house team.