CPQ tricks witch result in treats

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CPQ tricks image

We are the CPQ experts, and as a little gift to you this Halloween we wanted to share some of our best practices. When implementing CPQ, the ‘treats’ will come as a result of the following ‘tricks’: 

1. Make sure that system performance is being measured and that regular CPQ maintenance is taking place. Do the following:
·      Utilise the performance log
·      Examine the performance of key ‘actions’
·      Review the execution time of libraries 
·      Remove junk or commented code
·      Eliminate non-applicable print statements from BML
·      Optimise data tables structure and data feeds

2. Carefully follow the recommended upgrade path to ensure your CPQ system is always to the latest standard including replacement of old features with new ones. Whenever you implement new project(s)/functionality, stick to the standards. 

3. Ensure that the standards are set for the team – setup rules and guidelines for administrator teams as well as for end users so that they use CPQ effectively. 

Find out more about the CPQ services that we offer, and Happy Halloween all!

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