CPQ Project Discovery with Walpole Partnership

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CPQ Project Discovery

We are like no other system implementation partner, here at Walpole Partnership, we know the value that we can bring to the discovery process, in and around your CPQ project(s). Walpole acts as your trusted advisor with a ‘co-prime’ perspective, facilitating the journey towards adequate technology selection, realistic project planning, and relevant input into each Programme Management Office (PMO) methodology. 

The reason for you to engage with our senior CPQ consultants, like Ingmar Hermans, is that they will provide you with clarity, transparency and an in-depth understanding of your project. We achieve this together, by working through the ‘5 steps towards excellence’. In this process, with no surprise approach, you will be guided to a complete set of requirements, a rock-solid business case with guaranteed ROI, and change management best practices allowing you to reap the full benefits for all stakeholders in your organisation.  

To discover more, visit our dedicated webpage.

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