CPQ guarantees ROI

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Implementing CPQ is all about ROI (Return On Investment). The value you get out of CPQ is based on the business economics that sets up your CPQ project for success. 

As part of Walpole Partnership’s Discovery process, we can lead you through the evaluation of CPQ measures of success. Together, we define the three main building blocks of the CPQ ROI baseline:

  • Business case – with help from Oracle’s Value Navigator tool, the top and bottom line impact results are outlined.  
  • Critical KPIs – Key Performance Indicators are selected as crucial measures of success, for example, time reduction, days to navigate through the awareness to quote, quote to order, quote to cash cycles etc. 
  • Industry benchmarking – use of Oracle’s Insight analysis tool provides information about competitive positioning, industry trends etc.

To establish these deliverables, Walpole Partnership uses a specialised agile approach which includes:

  • Interviewing critical cross-functional stakeholders – sales, marketing, finance, operations
  • Focusing on KPI metrics, data and analytics – relevant for your organisation
  • Delivering the ROI executive summary – with key highlights and focus areas

Oracle also recognises the critical importance of working through these steps to ensure a successful CPQ implementation framework which guarantees ROI. For more on measuring success with your CPQ tool see this Oracle post.

If you would like to talk about how Walpole Partnership can guide you through this CPQ evaluation process, please contact us. 

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