CPQ Centre of Excellence

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CPQ Centre of Excellence

Walpole Partnership is often part of a three-way collaboration between CPQ customers, ourselves and the Oracle Centre of Excellence. The key topics that we address together are typically related to Asset Based Ordering and Contract Lifecycle Management in the context of CPQ and Subscription Management. 

The Centre of Excellence looks at CPQ performance benchmarking, auditing, optimisation, sharing best practices and promoting new functionality and technical capabilities based on the Oracle CPQ product roadmap and upgrades.

From a pre-sales perspective we’ve been pleased to be working with Oracle’s EMEA CX Centre of Excellence, CPQ and Subscription Lead, Steve Bradburn, and from a post-sales perspective, with Valentin Constantin, who is the Senior Principal Product Manager for CPQ at the CX Centre of Excellence in Bucharest. 

This collaboration results in improved performance of CPQ, appropriate sizing and scaling of CPQ environments which drives a better user experience allowing for higher user adoption. 

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