CPQ Benefits – The Vendor’s Perspective

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Lately we’ve been writing about the real benefits of CPQ, and trying to dig deeper to get beneath the headlines. There are plenty more to discuss and we will continue to post these.

To get a slightly different perspective on a similar topic, we wanted to share an extract from an RFI response we recently worked on with Oracle.

The summary written by Oracle for the response was one of the clearest statements of the credibility and CPQ benefits that Oracle delivers, and it sums up perfectly many of the reasons why were proud to be one of their Gold partners.

“By selecting Oracle CPQ Cloud and using an accredited partner for implementation it will ensure your organisation minimises risk to your quote to cash project. The solution delivers other benefits as follows:

  • Local and dedicated Customer Services Manager (CSM), Project Management and Executive Sponsorship
  • Access to the most secure and scalable Cloud CPQ Data Centres in the market
  • 17 years of Oracle CPQ/Big Machines experience and knowledge positioned as #1 globally
  • Oracle investment – Oracle invests more in research and development (R&D) for its Oracle Cloud products than all the other CPQ vendors combined, and it is backed by the industry’s most extensive expertise, training, and support services
  • The only enterprise-grade, highly scalable, platform-independent, and mobile-ready CPQ solution with proven enterprise results and hundreds of successful implementations
  • The only cloud-based CPQ product with vertical-specific best practices across industries
  • The most widely CPQ adopted solution in the world, with more users than all competitors combined
  • The only product to receive Salesforce’s AppExchange Customer Choice Award for Sales Quotes and Orders for five consecutive years
  • An ideal CPQ system for fast-growing, midsize companies looking to scale their sales & service operations enabling businesses to assist customers in selecting the right products and services faster
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud’s ability to provide accurate pricing, proposal creation, and streamlined renewals
  • All the other key benefits which include, simple self-administration based on best practices Yellow Belt & Blue Belt Oracle University training programs, Rapid deployments, and Familiar interface (100 percent native to Force.com platform).

In summary, the Oracle CPQ solution is ranked No 1 by Gartner and Forrester as a CPQ solution which offers minimal risk to clients, with the scalability to grow when required. From experience, we appreciate that initial requirements often start out to help automate pricing, cross sell/upsell, and generate proposals. However, Oracle are the ONLY vendor together with its business implementation partners, that can offer an end to end journey for all current and future business requirements from Social, Marketing, ECommerce, Pricing and Invoicing. That also means seamless integration with any third party solutions – one contract, no integration hassles, and simplification of an organisation’s IT landscape.

When client’s select Oracle CPQ Cloud, the CPQ element is a stepping-stone. It’s part of the journey. Oracle’s implementation partner can assist with journey mapping to deliver an end-to-end view highlighting the next logical step. This step may be Ecommerce, which will allow partners and end-user customers to order directly from portal website(s) allowing sales and service staff to focus on new business acquisition. This will in turn grow annual turnover in line with your business goals.

Be assured that if you select Oracle CPQ Cloud, your business and personal reputation is in the best hands possible. Thank you in advance for allowing Oracle and Walpole Partnership to be part of your CPQ journey, we are always very excited to work with clients and to be able to demonstrate our capabilities in each CPQ project.”

At Walpole Partnership we believe passionately in CPQ and implementing Oracle CPQ. When you read an RFI response like the above, it is not only useful to the client who receives the proposal, but also a helpful and concise reminder for us (the CPQ specialists!) about the very many benefits that implementing an Oracle Cloud CPQ system brings with it.

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