Avoid Taking a Wrong Turn with BOM Mapping

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BOM Mapping

As an existing Oracle CPQ user, if you haven’t taken active steps to stay on the Oracle Roadmap, then now’s the time to programme your GPS to get there faster.

BOM Mapping and Sys Config addresses CPQ system performance on three levels. It tackles the number of hits on the database, allows sharing of configurable attributes UI/UX and enables guided sales configuration across parent and child models. 
Do you recognise the following pain? >90% of site downs/performance issues are caused by inefficient code and admins’ reliance on Legacy setup/HTML/JavaScript/CSS. 
To view a slide deck on how Walpole Partnership addresses the typical use case implementation, click here. It also shares further high-level benefits of implementing BOM Mapping and Sys Config. 
When you want to talk to one of our CPQ experts about starting your BOM Mapping journey, please get in touch.

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