Another New Partnership!

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We love forming partnerships at Walpole Partnership – we like it to the extent that we even included the word in our company name! And is there a day better than Valentine’s Day to share news of one that we’ve recently entered into?

We are delighted to announce that we’re partnering with Threekit to bring the power of their innovative 2D/3D visualisation offering to Oracle CPQ Cloud customers. Together we can offer our clients the integrated CPQ and Visualisation platform with our expert support. With this integrated visual configurator and CPQ relationship driving business adoption, you’ll never feel like you’re alone. It’s a match made in heaven! Now where did we put those heart-shaped chocolates? I think they’ve already been eaten but thank goodness we can still have a proper look at them using the amazing 3D visualisation tools provided by Threekit!

To find out more about Threekit and to fall in love with their 3D product visuals click here.

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