A UX/UI design partner for Walpole Partnership

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UX/UI design partner

As UX/UI (User Experience/User Interfaces) design is becoming increasingly more important in our CPQ and Subscription world, we are highly appreciative of our partnership with Kristina Gudim from Sérieux. She is a true product UX/UI ambassador and a fountain of knowledge, sharing her wealth of extremely useful specialist information with Walpole Partnership and our joint customers.

Kristina’s UX/UI wisdom is linked to Walpole’s CPQ expertise domain, and she’s multilingual, having mastered English and French in addition to her native Bulgarian and Russian. We are also extremely grateful for her collaboration with our Walpole techno-functional Business Analysts, Project Managers and Development team members.

We look forward to driving enhanced positive CPQ user adoption for even more customers by providing attractive and interactive CPQ User Interfaces, based on Kristina’s experience enabling strategies for the most desirable User Experience, supporting a seamless opportunity-to-order CPQ process.

For more on our growing Walpole partner community head over to our partner page.

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