A partnership with Logik.io

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Attribute-Based Configuration

At Walpole Partnership we love to start the month on a positive note! Accordingly, we’re pleased to share that we’re working with the founders of CPQ and have entered into partnership with Logik.io.

Logik.io augments CPQ and eCommerce, particularly Salesforce based applications, by providing a unified advanced configuration engine purpose built for speed and streamlined administration which enhances sales productivity. Among its many benefits, Logik.io is an attribute-based configurator, bringing a solution-based approach to buying and selling which supports highly complex customer needs. For more on the many benefits that attribute-based configuration can bring your organisation, see our recent blog post.

Walpole Partnership is a multi-lingual, European-based system integrator and ‘Growth’ level partner of Logik.io. We’re working with Logik.io so we can offer our existing and new joint customers the option of utilising their cutting edge configuration technology coupled with our specialist CPQ implementation and integration skills.

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, said, “It’s great to see an enterprise grade configuration tool designed specifically for the Salesforce ecosystem and we’re proud to be the partner at the forefront of Logik.io in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. When you have the CPQ ‘A-Team’ of ChristopherGodardChrisVanessa and Fazal working on CPQ technology, you know it’s going to be exciting.”

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