A partnership with Fudgelearn

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Fudgelearn partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Oracle enterprise systems training company, Fudgelearn.

Fudgelearn’s Founder, Tony Cook, said, “We are thrilled to reconnect with our long-standing friends at Walpole Partnership. The experience, professionalism, and ethos that Walpole brings, under the leadership of Andy Pieroux not only ensures a high quality of CPQ Implementation, but it makes them an ideal partner for Fudgelearn. We look forward to working with them moving forward.”

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, said, “I’m delighted that we’re renewing our partnership with Fudgelearn. Tony and the team have always been the pioneers of customer learning. Their work adopting new technologies and methodologies, coupled with our domain expertise in CPQ, Subscription Management and Revenue Transformation, presents us both with a wonderful opportunity to help more customers get the very best out of their Oracle investment.”

We’d like to thank Fudgelearn for the warmest of welcomes as we share news of our partnership.

Find out more on our Walpole partners.

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