A new Enterprise Architect for Walpole Partnership

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We are working on more major CPQ projects than ever before, and so we need additional resources! As a result, we are delighted to welcome Shreetika Kesarwani, not only to Walpole Partnership but to the country too, as we have sponsored her visa so that she can live and work in the UK. 

Until recently, Shreetika has been based in India where she used her training and skills to work in multi-national corporations such as Wipro and Capgemini. Shreetika brings with her a wealth of experience in application development and testing, analysis and optimization, integrating data structures, customization, hardware configurations and maintenance. She also has an interest in emerging technologies and is keen to learn about implementing new CPQ systems such as Logik.io and Elfsquad CPQ.

Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux said, “It’s brilliant to welcome Shreetika to the onshore Walpole Partnership team. We’re pleased that we can use our status as a visa sponsoring organisation to bring Shreetika and her skillset to the UK for the benefit of our customers. She’s already proving to be a valuable part of the team and we look forward to seeing her develop and grow.”

To find out about the rest of the Walpole Partnership team head over to our Team page.

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