A Festive Week at Walpole Partnership

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Walpole Partnership has had a busy, but festive week. In between all the things that we get up to in a normal working week (and some additional requirement workshops for a new project), we’ve managed to spend some time getting ‘together’ (online), not working and entering into the Christmas spirit!

On Wednesday night, the core team competed in an online team game. Individual packs were sent to each player in advance containing different cards, symbols, QR codes and clues which made absolutely no sense until we were online and collaborating with our teammates. It was great fun and impressive that something had been created where having the internet available was of no help whatsoever!

Then we come to today. In the UK it’s ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, which is where many people throughout the country will wear their festive sweater and donate money to ‘Save the Children’. Walpole Partnership is supporting this extremely worthwhile charity this year, and we managed to find the time to come together to take a picture of ourselves in our Christmas Jumpers, as proof that we’re taking the day seriously.

For more about Save the Children or to donate money to their Christmas Jumper Day Appeal see their website.

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