9 People to Follow on LinkedIn Today

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If you’re reading this, you almost certainly have a LinkedIn profile and probably use LinkedIn not only to connect with professional contacts, but you might also use this social networking tool to keep well-informed about industry news etc. I use LinkedIn a great deal and find it invaluable having the majority of my contacts in one place. So when I was using LinkedIn the other day I had a thought, if someone came to me and asked me who to follow on this social network, who would I suggest? Here goes

Lets start with the world of CPQ. (1) Graham McInnes is generating the most relevant and interesting thought leadership pieces in the Oracle CPQ World right now.

Moving outside the world of Oracle CPQ, the widest, and most independant thoughts come from (2) Frank Sohn who seamlessly connects all the vendors, SIs and many CPQ customers too around the world.

If I want to hear interesting thoughts on the world of Customer Experience (CX), presented in a stimulating way, I turn to (3) Daryn Mason who never fails to inform and entertain.

And I can’t mention CX without thinking of my friend, partner and forward thinking innovator (4) Fred Wilkinson and his team at BPI OnDemand who challenges the norms and pushes boundaries with excellent results.

If you want to read modern insights into sales behaviours, attitudes and techniques you should connect with (5) Chris Ginnelly who educates people just as stylishly as he sells.

If social selling is important to you, then you need to follow the team at DLA and specifically to get the very best out of LinkedIn, please attach yourself to the peerless (6) Alexander Low who dissects the world of social sales with actionable insights.

To get the very best out of your people – especially in growing technology companies – you should check out (7) Antoinette Oglethorpe who has transformed many organisations and frequently provides tips and strategies via her content.

If you are an entrepreneur in any size of organisation its worth pointing out that I met Antoinette and many other amazing business people though the Dent network, led by the talented (8) Daniel Priestley. His thoughts and ideas, given freely, are a major contributor to the success of my own business.

And finally one last namecheck for my brilliant wife (9) Sapna Pieroux who spends the part of her life thats not with me and our family helping businesses look great and communicate more clearly through her branding agency InnerVisions ID. Her writing is just one of the many reasons I love her.

I always like to make new contacts, so please request to connect with me on LinkedIn and give Walpole Partnership a follow whilst you’re over there too!

This post was written by Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux.

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