7 People to Follow on LinkedIn Today

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People to Follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a brilliant social media platform that enables you to connect with professional contacts and keep well-informed about industry news. But if you want to get the best out of LinkedIn, you’ve really got to be following the right people. A couple of years ago, Walpole Partnership’s MD, Andy Pieroux, posted an article on here suggesting 9 People to Follow on LinkedIn Today’ and I’m following up on that with my top 7 (he used a couple of my top 9 already!)

A good place to start is within the world of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology. (1) Omar Bendada (Ben Consulting) is an entrepreneur leading his young organisation into the CPQ World within the geography of France and is one to watch.

If we then move outside the world of CPQ – but somehow his name is still very much connected to it – the widest, and most independent thoughts come from (2) Godard Abel(G2) who effortlessly connects many different customers with many different vendors around the world.

(3) Charlotte Adelgaard (Oracle) always presents her views on what’s happening in the world of Customer Experience (CX) in a refreshing way by sharing her personal views and insights.

And it’s impossible to even think about CX Sales and Service without suggesting that you follow my friend, expert and ultimate client relationship specialist (4) Elie Awad and his team at Studia Digital who positively challenge clients on their CX journey which always seems to end up with fantastic results.

Follow (5) Viacheslav Kаzakov (Borlas) and (6) Sadasivam Swaminathan (Techserve) if you want to read about insights into behaviours, attitudes, and cultural impact of expert integration partners implementing technology solutions for enterprise clients. Vyacheslav and Sadasivam are key gentlemen in specific regions (Russia and the Middle East) and integral part of trusted partnerships.

And finally, to learn more about the great things that 2D/3D visualization can do for your business – especially for organisations already using CPQ technology – you should check out (7) Bill Butler (CDS Visual). There’s little Bill doesn’t know about visualisation technology and he shares his wisdom partly by drawing upon his expert story-telling skills.

In addition to all my suggestions above, I’m always keen to connect with new people on LinkedIn, so please send me a request if we’re not already in contact, and also take a moment to have a look at the Walpole Partnership LinkedIn page and give that a follow too!

“7 People to Follow on LinkedIn Today” was written by Walpole Partnership’s Senior CPQ Partner Consultant, Ingmar Hermans

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