5 Warning Signs It’s Time You Need a CPQ Saviour

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Check out this post from Graham McInnes on Oracle’s SMB Blog. His point about the extended roadmap is critical. No disrespect to any of the CPQ vendors, but the best laid plans for future product development don’t always survive contact with the real world, or can be delayed and amended before they see the light of day.

As a CPQ implementation partner, Walpole Partnership relies on knowing what functionality is coming, and vendors that make promises they can’t keep means clients end up disappointed. We can only work with the canvas we’re given to paint on.

Having a vendor with core functionality in place, and a rock-solid proven track record on delivery of new functionality makes our client’s lives so much better.

If your organisation is looking for a CPQ implementation partner and would like to speak to one of our experts, please schedule a free 90-minute consultation.

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